Nina's unique and  powerful technique relieves stress, creates balance and harmony, and helps speed recovery time from trauma or injuries. Energy Healing treats the whole person - the body, mind and the soul - in order to help stimulate the healing process. A treatment can last up to an hour or more, creating inner peace and total relaxation!An alternative or holistic choice for medical care!

Suffering from a sports injury? Longing to return to your team? You will be happy to know that Nina's Energy Healing methods  are now being used successfully to help athletes speed their recovery time. Regular energy healing treatments can get you back to your game quickly. Whether your injury is to your bones, tendons or muscles, Nina's Energy Healing has been shown to reduce recovery time, reduce swelling, decrease pain, and increase a feeling of relaxation, which supports the Healing.
The sessions are a
stress-free way to stay healthy and heal faster from sports related injuries. When receiving regular Energy Healing treatments athletes heal faster and bounce back from trauma they receive.

                      Speeds up the Healing to 100 % Faster! It works!         



Energy Healing for Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
Athletic injuries resolve quickly with energetic healing. Muscles and ligaments, which are holding the body in a skewed manor due to the injury, are released from their skewed position. The energy moves quickly through the body and addresses deficits and areas of over energy. The light touch used in this system allows the energy to create a structural equilibrium, which then allows the energy to move freely through the body. As the energy moves through the body, unwanted cells are either dispersed, as in the case of arthritis, or reorganized, in the case of sprains, or regenerated. In many instances during a brief one-hour session open wounds will begin to visually close, and frequently black and blue marks and other bruising will begin to fade.

Energy Medicine Benefits:
Reduces the need for pain medication            
Currently used to improve and  enhance the effectiveness                                     
*  Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy  
    after surgery and chemotherapy        
*  Phantom pains where athletes are  clinically healthy, and have a problem that prevents   
    the normal playing, can be successfully resolved.  
*  Enhances the natural abilities of the player
Works in conjunction with the trainer and Athletic medical treatment
Supports the immune system
Clarity of the mind
Regeneration of the body and mind after hard trainings and serious preparation
    the body during  competition season, and releases the stress!
*  Ninas Power Healing has proven to be one of the most effective alternative energy 
    healing treatment known
for cancer.

           Nina use all her skills also for healing Sports horses and Problem horses!
She works over 20 years successfully worldwide
                                     as animal Communicator!

" Nina is the best naturally medicin "

    Tom Anthony, Las Vegas
" Nina is a magnificent and gifted healer, and the best clairvoyant,there is no doubt about it!"
     Linda Brown, Los Angeles

"Never before has anyone been able to help me with my knee pain ! Nina brought my life back. I am once again competing."
Rick Barcley,Dubai VAE

"You have helped me through some very difficult times in getting through my cancer. It truly was a blessing when I met you. Now iam free of cancer! Thank you for all your help."
Simone Kraemer,Germany