Reclaiming your Power! Energize Your Life!
Most people are ambitious. That's a good thing, because this property helps to improve and achieve goals. The important thing is that this ambition is directed in the right direction. And motivation will not be made to burn-out - and that will work specifically on the strengths and weaknesses. Nina Andeson has the ability to recognize the true potential of the people and to unearth. Evidence? Is there enough. Not coincidentally including many top Athletes :Soccer,Basketball Players,Golfers,Polo Players and Jockeys 
to her clients!

Power- Hypnosis-Healing       Energy -Boosting      Chakra-Claering
The unique combination of hypnosis, spiritual healing and clairvoyance is one of the most powerful forms of personal therapy and
speeds the Healing of Injuries and Rehabilitation Time up to 100 % Faster!!

How can Nina's Energy help?
Sports Injuries/Sprains           Depressions             Clarify your vision and goals
Headaches                              Anxiety                    Dissolve Energy Blockages
Pain Managemant                  Weight loss              Transform Yourself for Success
Burn-Out  Syndrom               Addictions                Private Executive Retreats
Pre-Post Surgical Procedures                                  Curing Cancer                                

Every individual is different so every person that comes for an energetic healing leaves with a uniquely personal experience. Sometimes the individual may experience immediate effects during the healing or within a few days to a week. Clients have shared that a healing allowed them to move forward from unhealthy relationships, to be open to forgiveness, to accept opportunities for abundance in career or finances, to gather and realize their strength in challenging work/career environments, to heal or subdue physical or emotional pain, or to make major shifts in their own sense of self-love.Experienced psychic Nina can help you to identify and achieve your goals in all areas of your life with personal and business readings.Learn to understand yourself and the influences at play around you – and learn how to make the most of your unique potential and everyday opportunities and to overcome the obstacles in your life.

" Nina is the best naturally medicin "

    Tom Anthony, Las Vegas
" Nina is a magnificent and gifted healer, and the best clairvoyant,there is no doubt about it!"
     Linda Brown, Los Angeles

"After Nina treated me I felt great the rest of the season. I was quite
surprised because i had tried everything!"

Andrew Petterson,New York

"I am getting fitter and healthier than I have ever been; my businesses are all doing great. It's all good, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart you made a big difference to my life."
Tom Wilson, Chairman,Rio de Janeiro