Welcome to Andeson Success !                              
          Nina Andeson

                      Psychic Medium
             Professional Hypnotherapist  
        Master of Power Hypnosis -Healing    
                 Burn Out / Cancer Specialist

For many years , Ninas unique gift to see into  your soul ,body and mind  and the perfect combination of hypnosis and energy healing has helped Athletes, Manager and  private persons all over the world find healing solutions for their health and issues. Her work creates a bridge between   alternative  and  trational

" Whatever your pain or issues is acute or chronic, my Power Hypnosis Healing   reduces  most pain quickly, and your Body, Mind and Soul are balanced again!" 
                        As above,so below. As inside,so outside.
     Get ready to transform yourself for Success!

Nina is a  phenomenon! Her amazing gift  maximizing your Potential !
She has helped thousands of people feel better through her extensive knowledge and practice in alternative health fields (alternative medicine). Nina's unique Combination of power Hypnosis-Healing and Clairvoyance is the best way to transform yourself for Success! Usually individuals experience effects of treatment after their first session. Nina's non-invasive natural technique (holistic health) has no negative side effects. Most Sports Injuries, Rehabilitations and stresses resolve in three to five sessions.  Heddaches and migranes fixed in minutes! Reclaiming your Power and Health with Nina's powerful gift!

Use the worldwide unique technique of Power - Hypnosis - Healing
 and Clairvoyance!         

" Nina is the best naturally medicin "

    Tom Anthony, Las Vegas
" Nina is a magnificent and gifted healer, and the best clairvoyant,there is no doubt about it!"
     Linda Brown, Los Angeles

" Your life won't change until you change your life!"
"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live!"

" Wisdom, character and consciousness conquer everything! "
Nina Andeson